Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time to start thinking about November

Hillary vs. Trump.  This is happening.  Let's stop wasting our time arguing with Trump denialists, and think about what happens in November.  I will begin more thorough posts on this soon, but as a starting observation, take a look at the betting odds.  The Dems are currently projected to have a 71% chance of retaining the White House, and there has been an upward tick as The Donald solidified his hold on the Republican nomination.  What's going on?  No mystery here.  The people putting money on it think that Trump will be a weak nominee.  Yes, let's use the indicative rather than the subjunctive.  Yay, pedantry!  There are reasons to think the gamblers are right, but caution is warranted, which leads me to...

2016 disclaimer:  Maybe I should just make this a signature at the end of every post, but every rule and piece of wisdom could go out the window this year because everything already has.


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