Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thoughts on the Republican VP slot

We haven't wrapped up the Republican nomination for president yet, but here's a quick thought on the best bet for the vice presidential nominee:  Mike Pence.

There are two main possibilities for the presidential nomination:  Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.


In order for the Republicans to not block Trump at the convention, they would almost certainly extract some concessions.  They don't trust him to govern either conservatively or intelligently.  They would need to shackle him with a VP who both keeps him on the ideological straight-and-narrow, and understands, ya' know, how government actually works.  A Cheney-type-figure.

Pence is a former House member who could have risen higher in the leadership ranks, but instead chose to go for Indiana Governor.  He has both legislative and executive experience, conservatives trust him, and he doesn't do anything reckless.  He is the anti-Trump.


In order for the Republicans to trust Cruz, they similarly need to shackle him with the kind of guy who won't shut down the government on some damned-fool-idealistic-crusade.  Again, that's Pence.  Cruz would need Pence's institutionalist approach.

There are other choices, of course.  What's interesting about Pence is that he is an obvious pick for either Trump or Cruz.

Then again, maybe it is time for my 2016 disclaimer:  standard political logic doesn't apply this year, so what do I know?

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