Sunday, June 12, 2016

The impending discussion of gun control

I posted something a while back that dared to talk about gun control without doing the standard "WE NEED GUN CONTROL NOW NOW NOW" that you usually get from members of the academy and other lefties.  I am, of course, unmutual.  For obvious reasons, we are about to have yet another discussion of gun control.  I will make a few simple observations.

1)  The House of Representatives and the Senate are majority Republican.  Most members of both chambers oppose gun control on principle.  That is why they are Republicans.  Stop assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is bought off (in this case, by the NRA).  No, they just disagree with you.  (Yes, I assume most readers lean left.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

2)  Paul Ryan controls the agenda in the House.  If he doesn't want something to pass, it won't go to the floor.  No floor vote, no passage.  Paul Ryan opposes gun control.  Nothing will pass.  End of story.

3)  Quit whining about public opinion and how much voters supposedly want gun control.  Brown v. Board was wildly unpopular.  That didn't make it wrong.  If you want to argue about policy, argue about policy.

4)  If you do argue about public opinion, make sure to address salience.  All other things being equal, a committed minority will defeat an apathetic majority, and there are more strong opponents of gun control than strong supporters.

5)  From what I have read so far, Omar Mateen did not have a criminal record, which has been true of many mass shooters.  Background checks for those with criminal records would do nothing for such cases.  Yet, liberals will probably go back to demanding background checks because they are popular.  This is the equivalent of sub-letting a room to a con artist, getting your stuff stolen, and then deciding it means you need better locks.

6)  Omar Mateen appears to have been under suspicion of links to terrorists, but was not connected to any direct investigations.  Liberals will probably insist that those on the terrorist watch list be prohibited from getting guns.  It is amazing how liberals' beliefs in due process disappear when it comes time to freak out about guns.

7)  Liberals will propose minor, completely ineffectual and meaningless gun control efforts.  Conservatives will respond by acting as though liberals are actually trying to take away everyone's guns.  They will be aided in this lie by the fact that liberals will adoringly reference Australia, which really did take away people's guns.

8)  Conservatives will focus on the fact that the shooter appears to have been an Islamic terrorist.  Liberals are irrationally afraid of guns, and conservatives are irrationally afraid of Islamic terrorists.  That makes this the perfect recipe for a total loss of sanity.