Monday, July 25, 2016

As anticipation for the Sanders speech builds...

... I'll make a couple of quick observations.

1)  Sanders, unlike Cruz, actually has endorsed HRC.

2)  How does one follow Sanders, then, without actually voting for HRC?  Hippies and logic...

3)  Sanders pretended to campaign long after it was obvious he couldn't win, leading to my May 19 post describing Sanders as "more Tea Party than the Tea Party."  If his followers cannot accept a loss, we are seeing the fallout of Sanders carrying it way too far.

4)  As a follow-up to my semi-joke post on political legitimacy in Westeros, I did a more serious July 4 post on the most dangerous people in politics-- those who make arguments about how "the system is rigged" when they just lost fair in square.  Why?  Because peaceful transitions of power are critical.  Right now, Trump is making such arguments, but he is aided by the fact that Sanders made those very same arguments...

5)  If Sanders' followers are convinced that he lost because the system is rigged, it is because that is precisely what Sanders told them, and the emails just reinforce the paranoid bullshit that Sanders fed them throughout his deluded and impossible campaign.  Yes, the DNC wanted HRC to win, and yes DWS is a piece of fucking shit, but Sanders was doomed anyway.  Unfortunately, Sanders and his people never understood that last part.  Fortunately, the world now has conclusive evidence of the penultimate part.  I always saw through her.

6)  Now, here's the scary question.  Do you think that if Trump loses, he will accept it peacefully?

I'm serious about that one.

I'll start addressing it more rigorously soon, reading lists and all.

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