Saturday, July 23, 2016

HRC and Tim Kaine

Wow, can you believe she picked Tim Kaine?!  I'm completely floored!  It's just...

No, sorry, I can't.  Clinton did exactly what everyone knew she would do because...

1)  Clinton is a normal, conventional politician who makes the safest choices possible at all times, except when driven by paranoia to use her own, private email server rather than the more secure government server...

2)  The one demonstrable effect of a VP choice is to swing a few points at most in the nominee's home state.

3)  Virginia is a swing state.

4)  Should she win, Kaine will be replaced by Democratic Governor Terry McCauliffe, rather than, say Republican Governor John Kasich for Sherrod Brown in Ohio, who was never going to be picked for that very reason.

5)  HRC had no need to reach out to the Sanders supporters because, as I have said, Sanders would get on board and endorse Clinton anyway.

6)  This demonstrates the central contrast with Trump.  Trump couldn't unify the party, and I knew that in April, which was why as far back as April, I knew he needed Pence (yes, I'm still harping on that!).

7)  This does NOT lock Virginia in for HRC.  It gives her a SLIGHT advantage.  Perhaps two points, by most political science estimates.  That ain't much, but that ain't nothin'.

HRC looked at what Tim Kaine had to offer in Virginia, and sang this...

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