Monday, July 25, 2016

Not-quite-expectations for the Democratic convention

I won't quite pose these as predictions, but they seem like easy responses to the Republican convention.

1)  Turn "vote your conscience" into a rallying cry.  By far, the most embarrassing moment for the Republicans was the fact that when Ted Cruz said "vote your conscience," the convention boo-ed.  An insider could understand why-- it was about the conflict between the neverTrumpers, who wanted to disregard the voters, and those who respected the decisions of the voters.  But, to boo "vote your conscience" makes the party look wretched.  Sanders has already endorsed HRC, and he can turn that into a major point of contrast, and turn, "vote your conscience, vote for Hillary" into the convention's catch-phrase.

2)  Joke about the Melania Trump plagiarism thing, but don't overplay it.  Just keep the story alive, and let the late-night comics keep the story going.  This is a tough line to walk.  The Republicans have a history of over-playing their hands, from "you didn't build that" to impeaching Bill.  A few subtle jokes here and there.  No more.

3)  Praise McCain!  Draw the contrast with Trump.  McCain was a no-show at the convention, and we know why.  Positive words about McCain might help bring in some disaffected Republicans and emphasize Trump's general douchebaggery.

4)  During prime-time, hold up a series of quotes from books-- white lettering over black background, forcing the networks to keep them on screen.  Fifteen seconds per.  You know the ones.  Quotes like:  "Women-- you have to treat them like shit."  Sort of a clockwork orange thing.

5)  Montage of Trump praising HRC.  Just for fun.

Would any of this matter?  No.  See previous posts.  But, these strike me as the obvious things to do.


  1. In your opinion, where's the best place to get convention coverage? Obviously, most people can't be there, but I'd like to follow what goes on at my party's convention a little more closely than the RNC.

    1. Best place to watch: C-Span. Uninterrupted coverage, without the annoying pundits. Pundits will drive up your blood pressure with their annoying wrongness (which, well, you're young), unless you have chemical assistance, which I am contractually bound to discourage. Not that university higher-ups would ever deign to read my lowly blog, but there it is.

      Post-convention reading: Vox leans left, which will suit you, but they are decent. They are also home to Mischiefs of Faction, which is ground zero for The Party Decides (the book I love to bash). Since you lean left, though, you need some other perspectives. I like to sample, which means clicking on links from RealClearPolitics and Hotline, the latter of which you can access from the National Journal. You will need to go through the Case VPN for that. I'd recommend for you to check what they say at the Wall Street Journal too. Obviously, they lean right, but they won't make your head explode like Fox would, and you need some different perspectives. Ph(ony) D(octor)'s advice.