Monday, July 18, 2016

What if Trump gets heckled or boo-ed by the neverTrumpers at his own acceptance speech?

One more what-if, and this is an important one.

Today, we heard one more death rattle from the neverTrumpers as the floor of the convention turned to chaos over one of those let-the-delegates-vote-their-conscience proposals.  Like a conscience has any role in politics...  Anyway, the result was predictably acrimonious.

Now, think back to March or so.  At the time, Trump's rallies were turning violent, and Trump himself was encouraging his supporters to assault protesters, while promising to pay their legal bills.  I was referring to it as Trump's "Altamont problem".  As I predicted (I tend to be pretty good at that, **cough, cough, Pence**), Trump cracked down on security, and the incidents dwindled, but that only happened because Trump could keep the protesters out.

This is the Republican convention.  Trump can't keep the neverTrumpers out because a lot of them have credentials.  A lot of them are voting delegates.

How confident are we that those people-- those same people who just brought the floor of the convention to chaos today over the conscience proposal-- won't do anything to embarrass Trump during his acceptance speech?

And if they do, how will Trump react, given what we know about his personality?

Let's be clear.  If this happened, it would be weird.  Not riot-level weird, but if our standard for civility is Chicago-1968, that doesn't bode well for Thursday night.

One seriously disruptive round of boos, and that becomes the headline.  Unless it's just this guy...

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