Monday, August 15, 2016

Blame allocation if/when Trump loses

It is worth pointing out a possible shift in tone from Trump about how he will/would handle his likely loss to Clinton.  In the Zero-sum politics series, I addressed the problem that Trump views everything as a zero-sum game, making a loss unthinkable to him, leading to the rigged-election talk.

We are currently seeing two other lines emerging.  First, he has stepped up his campaign to blame the media, going so far as to threaten to take away press credentials from the New York Times.  Second, reports are emerging that the RNC is planning to cut its losses with Trump in October.  If you bother to read this pretentious, little blog, I'll assume you are a junkie, and have read this already, but if you want links, ask and I'll dig 'em up.

Notice, though, the drastic difference from the rigged election talk.  What's going on?  Hypothesis: someone behind the scenes verbally beat the crap out of Trump over the rigged election stuff.  He needs to find other, less unhealthy ways to lash out at scapegoats, like the media.  He can't accept a loss, obviously, but someone is reigning him in.

Note, too, the theme with Pence.  As I noted in an earlier comment on Pence, Trump was basically forced to choose Pence, demonstrating his lack of agency.

We'll see how much agency Trump has if the rigged election talk comes back, or if the media-bashing simply replaces it.

The real fun will begin if the RNC really does hang him out to dry in October.  The irony is that Reince Priebus probably doesn't mind if Trump lashes out at him.

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