Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Brief VP debate notes

First, The Conversation asked me to pick a quote last night and write a snap reaction to it, so I did one on Pence's abortion jiujitsu at the end.

Second, sorry.  I said yesterday that it would be a snooze-fest, but Kaine's insistence on trying to out-interrupt Trump made it more entertaining than I expected.  However, without the gender politics at play, and with it being the vice presidential debate, it won't matter.

Third, notice that Kaine mentioned the VP vetting process and tax returns?  Hey, I mentioned that!

Fourth, and most importantly, though, everyone else is saying it, and they're right (or, I should say, "they're right, of course, quite right" to make my totally obscure reference complete-- hint, hint, blog title).  Mike Pence versus Hillary Clinton?  Pence would be winning.  As I have been saying over, and over again, this is a year that should favor the GOP.  Two Democratic victories in a row with a tepidly growing economy?  The Republicans should be winning.  Their problem is Trump.  Pence is a generic Republican, and last night, he was better than generic.  Unlike Trump, he kept calm.

And Trump is pissed.

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