Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hell of a time for a town hall debate

What do you expect me to say here?  I...

Tomorrow night's debate is a "town hall" format.  Audience members will ask questions.  Gee, I wonder what will come up.  In the first debate, Trump showed his well-established inability to control his temper.  Let's just point out the obvious.  If he does that to an audience member in response to the leaked tape, well, let's just say Ted Cruz will regret finally caving in and endorsing Trump a couple of weeks ago.  A true "I told you so" moment right about now would sound great.  After all, Kelly Ayotte is kicking herself right about now.

This would be a great time for John Kasich to step up to the microphone.

I'm scrounging for social science observations here, and I got nothin'.   Why?  Because social science is dependent on application of past precedent to similar circumstances.  Trump will reportedly try to talk about Bill Clinton, but even the "liaisons" arranged by the Arkansas State Troopers for him (yes, they did that for him) were more on the consent side of things than Trump's boasts.

So instead of social science, here's raw speculation.  Audience member asks about the tape, in a hostile manner.  Trump responds with hostility, about Bill.  What matters, though, is the hostility itself.  Trump can't help but respond to hostility with hostility.  In other words, train wreck.

I... I'm just at a loss at this point.

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