Saturday, October 8, 2016

Historical context and the worst nominees ever

What makes someone the worst presidential nominee ever?  In 1964, the Republicans were going to lose.  They went into the convention debating between nominating Nelson Rockefeller, who might put up something of a fight, or Barry Goldwater, who would lose in a landslide, but stand on principle.  This was before the reforms that put the process in the hands of the voters through primaries, so decisions were made at the actual conventions.

Republican delegates selected Barry Goldwater.  A true extremist.  He lost to Johnson in a landslide.  He was considered an historically bad candidate because he made no attempts whatsoever to soften his image or appeal to the center, whatever that meant.  He was the paragon of what Phyllis Schlafly meant in her book, A Choice, Not an Echo, proposing that Republicans needed to nominate hardcore conservatives rather than squishy moderates who might as well have been Democrats.  Goldwater is remembered for many things.  Depending on whom you ask, he is remembered either for ushering the Dixiecrats into the Republican Party for his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or for this.

And also, he is remembered for losing in a landslide to Lyndon Johnson.  But, the Republicans were always going to lose that election.  Republicans should be winning this one, as I've been saying all along.  And Trump will forever be remembered for this.

Worst.  Nominee.  Ever.

Sorry, Barry.  Sorry, Walter (Mondale).  Sorry, George (McGovern).  There's a new king being crowned here.  I...

Wow.  And what's so shocking is how not shocking it is to hear this from the guy.  Just... this is where we are.  We've gone from "extremism in defense of liberty" to "grab her by the pussy."

Yeah.  I...

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