Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump TV and November 9 problems

Discussion among Trump observers has now shifted to Trump TV as Trump's possible post-election plan.  His prospects of winning, contrary to Nate Silver's bullshit assessment of a 1 in 7 chance (I'll get back that nonsense soon), are abysmal, and whining about a media conspiracy won't get the courts to decertify election results.

But, let's get a few specifics on the board for Trump TV.  Glenn Beck broke away from Fox News and tried to go solo.  He has had a hard time of things.  However, Trump will start with more resources.  Still, starting a tv network requires a lot.  Here are some questions Trump will have to answer.

1.  Who works for Trump TV if shots are fired on November 9?
2.  Which carriers offer Trump TV if shots are fired on November 9?
3.  Who advertises on Trump TV if shots are fired on November 9?

What happens on November 9 could have real implications for the potential for Trump TV.  A few fistfights can be written off easily as random, isolated incidents.  The more violence there is, the more businesses will want to avoid association with Trump.  Plenty have already sought to distance themselves from his name.  Yes, Trump will have core supporters, and that would be a potential audience, but that isn't enough to get Trump TV up and running.

Trump TV needs this thing to be peaceful.  I wonder if Trump realizes that.

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