Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two more quick debate observations

1)  When asked about why he thought the election was rigged, Trump's first observation was about media bias, which is... different from Bush v. Gore, regardless of the merits of either argument in that case.  Even if one were to accept the premise that media coverage had been dishonest, imagine the legal brief in which Trump challenges the certification of an election result on that basis.  Is it possible for a judge to respond to a filing simply with "ROTFLMFAO"?

2)  After the VP debate, I gave VOX some grief about jumping to conclusions about sexism in patterns of interruptions.  This time, they were more careful in their analysis, and less prone to jump to the PC conclusion of sexism!sexism!sexism!  They acknowledged the basic observation that Trump is also just an asshole who interrupts everyone, distinguishable from the fact that he is a misogynistic rapist (I'm not sure what a non-misogynistic rapist would be, but, whatever).  Good on them.

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