Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rigged election claims: here we don't go...

Remember when we were all shocked that Trump pulled out a surprise victory on election day?  I mentioned that if the shoe were on the other foot, Trump would claim that such a gap between the polls and the vote tallies would be indisputable proof of vote tampering.

Well, this piece is now making the rounds, claiming that the vote was hacked in the upper midwest 'cuz, well, yeah.  That thing I just said.

Was the vote stolen?  Probably not.  What I'll talk about here is how subdued the Democratic rhetoric has been.  Is it because the Democrats, unlike the Republicans, aren't a bunch of sore losers?  No.  They keep whining about the "popular vote" as though it means something.  That's called "being a sore fucking loser."  It doesn't matter if you still have more pieces on the chess board.  You got checkmated.  Deal with it, you whiny little children, and no, you don't know that you would have won the popular vote had that been the rule.

Rather, here's another observation.  The Democrats got burned, badly, by 2000.  Their attempt to contest the election failed.  Regardless of why it failed, the end result of that failure was to legitimize Bush's presidency when he could have entered the White House under a cloud of suspicion.

If Hillary Clinton seriously pursued this, she would lose.  The result would be to further legitimize Trump, and make Clinton, and the Democratic Party look worse.  Democratic Party leaders know this, remembering 2000.  That's why they aren't stupid enough to pursue this nonsense.  It isn't that they are better losers than Trump and the Republicans.  They just have longer memories.  Funny.  The donkeys have longer memories than the elephants!

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