Saturday, November 26, 2016

Will Trump really pick Romney for Sec. State?

I've been having a difficult time wrapping my brain around this one.  Rumors keep swirling around Romney, and I can't help but wonder if the Trump transition team is circulating them to get credit for a decision that Trump can't bring himself to make.

Here's the problem.  Trump's Attorney General pick should have been Ted Cruz, not Jeff Sessions.  Sessions is a caricature-- an unreconstructed racist, denied a federal judgeship in 1986 for that, by a Republican Senate, and about one neuron short of a synapse.  Why did Trump pick him?  He was rewarding one of his few early supporters, and picking an, um, fellow traveler.

Yet, Cruz was the obvious pick for a serious Republican president.  He is the platonic ideal of asshole, hated by his own party in addition to the Democrats, so Republicans in the Senate would have been thankful to be rid of him.  More importantly (probably), he is also a brilliant lawyer, probably the smartest in the party, and selecting him would have been a great way to show a capacity to reach out to one's defeated adversaries.

And that's exactly why Trump couldn't do it.  Remember after Trump defeated Cruz?  He was still spreading batshit crazy lies about how Ted Cruz's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

This is a guy who is still fuming about Rosie O'Donnell, who got into those messes with the Khan family, Alicia Machado, and many more.

And the fact that he won anyway tells him he has no need to reach out to past enemies.  Rather, he should be as petty and vindictive as he wants.

Mitt Romney was the leader of the neverTrumpers.  He was the guy who gave this speech.

Donald Trump gave the HUD nomination to Ben Carson.  Why?  Well, Carson supported him, and well, "urban."  Ya' know.  Figure it out.  Can Donald Trump really give the State Department to Romney?

He gave the UN Ambassadorship to Nikki Haley, who was critical of him.  But Romney?  Tell me the guy who is still fuming about Rosie fucking O'Donnell is going to hand the State Department to this guy.

Then again, it's Trump.  Who the hell knows what he'll do?


  1. Can you explain why you say that Republicans would be thankful to get rid of Ted Cruz? If he were appointed to a cabinet position, would that give Cruz more or less power than he had as a senator?

    1. It's not about power. They just hate him. It is partly personal-- the guy just isn't a charmer. The other part is that he has put his own career advancement ahead of legislative priorities. He forced a government shutdown that everyone knew was doomed to fail just so that he could claim that McConnell sold out the conservative movement. Putting him in the AG's office would take away his ability to pull that kind of stunt, while also getting him out of everyone else's hair.

    2. Cruz wouldn't take it, is my guess.
      He's young enough to run in 2024. Cruz is about one person above all others: Cruz. Cruz wants to make mischief. He doesn't want to be tied to the inevitable Trump fiasco.

    3. If he were thinking that, he'd want the job to sabotage Trump and to be the guy who sticks the knife in. Would the Trump people expect that and not pick him because of it? I feel a joke about a land war in Asia coming on...