Monday, December 19, 2016

Faithless electors aren't worth your respect

The electoral college votes today.  Some Republican electors will probably refuse to vote for Donald Trump on the-- as it turns out, correct-- view that he is historically unfit for office.  If this were part of a realistic effort to deny Trump the presidency and give the office to someone qualified, faithless electors (Hamilton electors, or whatever you want to call them) would deserve your respect.  That's not what they are.  They are precious little fucking snowflakes who have decided, way too late, that Donald Trump shouldn't be president.  Where were they during the primaries or... the general election?  Oh, yeah, that happened too.

There are certain voters who insist that they can't vote for candidates unless those candidates absolutely, perfectly reflect every fiber of their being.  Every policy position must be perfect, and every speech must perfectly intone the right values.  Otherwise, our precious little fucking snowflakes are somehow sullying themselves by voting for the imperfect candidate.  Such people fall in love with candidates like either Ted Cruz on the right, or Bernie Sanders on the left, eventually wind up voting for Ralph Nader or Jill Stein and hand the presidency to the party they hate, and feel great about maintaining their purity.  Precious little fucking snowflakes.

Being a political scientist generally means being an institutionalist and liking political parties.

Anywho (why do I love typing that when I never say it out loud?), there are over 300,000,000 people in this country.  Elections are about compromise.  You don't get your perfect candidate.

If any Republican elector casts a vote against Donald Trump, we have to ask: what did that elector do-- really do-- to stop Trump in the primaries?  The general?  An election is a choice.  There were two of 'em.  It's too late now.  Throw this thing to the House of Representatives and they still put Trump in the White House.  Any electors who cast faithless votes now are just trying to ease a guilty conscience for not having done what they should have done earlier.

Precious little fucking snowflakes.  Too little, too late.

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