Saturday, December 3, 2016

Friday & Saturday music: If you don't love jazz and country, you hate America

Oops.  Music didn't go up last night.  No theme today, but here's Danny Gatton & the Redneck Jazz Explosion.  Danny Gatton was called "The Humbler," because all guitarists, no matter how great they thought they were, found themselves humbled as soon as they heard Gatton.  And in this group, he had Buddy Emmons on pedal steel.  Emmons, more than anybody except perhaps Speedy West, showed the potential of the pedal steel to go beyond that simplistic Hawaiian sound for which it was developed.  And he was one of the few instrumentalists in the world who could keep up with Gatton.  And, if I'm going to combine a Friday and Saturday music post, this live performance is as good a way as any...

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