Saturday, December 17, 2016

What now on Russia and their meddling?

Even Trump supporter #1 James Comey now admits that Russia was trying to help elect Donald Trump.  What now?   Obama has promised retaliation, but sorry liberals.  Obama has no spine.  What do you think he will do?  I am reminded of an old Robin Williams joke about British cops.

Britain has a lower crime rate, and there is a complicated, dynamic relationship between the militarization of the police and violent crime, but be honest.  When some heavily armed psycho is on the loose, do you want the British cops after them, or American SWAT teams?

What could we do to Russia?  Not much, unless we are willing to get our hands dirty.  Revealing secrets only matters to people with a conscience, and, well... Putin.  You can't meddle in elections unless elections matter.  Everything in Russia really is rigged.  Economic meddling?  With oil prices low, their economy is in bad shape anyway.  Military action?  Off the table.  Other forms of cyber warfare, like trying to collapse some of their banks or markets?  Too much spill-over.  Targeted cyber attacks?  Way too hard.  What does that leave?  We don't have the balls for assassination, or anything like that, and is anyone even going to argue for that as retaliation for hacked emails?  No.

So, what are we going to do?  We're going to say "stop."  Or we'll say "stop again."

And in January, Trump will say "thank you," owe Putin a favor (even though the hacks probably played a very minor role), and give his idol anything that is requested.

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