Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chaos begins?

Yesterday, I posted about the contrast between the normality of Trump's actions on issues like abortion and the abnormality of his... other stuff, and how this presented a dilemma for how to discuss the Trump Presidency because, while normal policy things were happening, his abnormality would, sooner or later, have consequences.


Remember the old days when the weirdest things about his presidency were complaining about accurate reporting about crowd size at his inauguration and canceling meetings with the President of Mexico about that nonsense about making Mexico pay for a wall?  Good times, good times...

Long term, what will be the consequences of executive orders blocking entry, and such?  At this point, it is worth linking such actions with the canceled meeting with Enrique Pena Nieto.  Trump believes that he can essentially do whatever he wants.  Why?  Because he has.  And now he is President.  People told him that he needed to behave differently.  He didn't listen, and now he is President.

A plurality of Republican primary voters liked his schtick, and after two Democratic victories, the economy wasn't growing quite fast enough for a third.  Also, James Comey.  It does not logically follow that other countries' leaders will let Trump get away with grabbing them by their pussies.

What will the rest of the world do now?  Not much.  There are legal battles here over the executive order, as you are no doubt reading elsewhere.  But, Trump's behavior generally is not going over well throughout most of the world.  We have more economic power than any other one country.  We do not have more economic power than the rest of the world combined.  Trump is talking about starting trade wars and acting in ways that could, if carried to their logical extremes, lead to sanctions being imposed on the US.  Will that happen?  I have no clue.  I have no idea what Trump will do when pushed, and no idea how the rest of the world will respond.  Trump simply assumes he can get away with anything.

Because so far, he has.  Nobody with power has ever really stood up to him before.  Sort of makes you wonder what would happen if someone did...


  1. Well Iran has already responded by banning entry to US citizens, and it's only been two days since the executive order was passed.

    1. Small time. Not enough US citizens travel to Iran for that to have an impact on policy-making (just the people who wanted to go...). Iran relations are tied up with the nuclear deal anyway, making it hard to separate the two. The big fireworks are still to come. Perhaps that was a poor choice of words.