Friday, January 6, 2017

Quick note: New piece on Trump and the media at The Conversation

For those who care, I have a new piece up at The Conversation on Trump, the media, and the past and future of nonpartisan journalism.

I'll just add one observation about it.  The article talks about rational audiences because it is based around this paper, which uses a game-theoretic model.  It is ironic that the article goes up at The Conversation while I am in the middle of a loooooong, drawn-out series here called "Assessing democracy..." about how the 2016 election was a failure of rational choice theory.

Three ways to take this:

1)  Even if news audiences were rational, that wouldn't save us from the problems I was describing in the article at The Conversation and the boring, academic paper it references.

2)  2016 was sort of a uniquely problematic election, in some respects, as I have been describing in the "Assessing democracy..." series here.

3)  The old, George E.P. Box line: All models are wrong, some are useful.

Anyway, so I write different stuff in different contexts.  Sue me.

PS: Don't sue me.

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