Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movement on Obamacare repeal?

As you may have read, things are maaaaaaaybe moving along on an Obamacare replacement plan.  Republicans are working on plans that aren't Collins-Cassidy, Governors are freaking out because they have relied on Medicaid expansion to close some of their budgetary gaps, etc.

Pay no attention yet.

Assume that Murkowski joins Collins and Cassidy, and wait until those three weigh in on whatever comes along.  One of several things will happen.

1)  Those three will tell the rest of the GOP to go fuck themselves.  It's Collins-Cassidy or Obamacare stays, in which case nothing happening right now matters.

2)  Those three demand extensive changes to the proposals circulating right now, in which case the form of what we are seeing now is irrelevant.

3)  John Boehner was right, and this is all just prelude to a GOP circular firing squad in which everyone blames everyone else for the inevitable failure of repeal-and-replace, which was doomed from the get-go.

So, yes, the outlines of a replacement plan are currently circulating.  The likelihood of actual policy resembling those outlines at any future point in time?  Minimal.  Either it will serve as a baseline from which Susan Collins make demands, backed by Bill Cassidy and Lisa Murkowski, it will get thrown in the garbage as the Senate adopts Collins-Cassidy, forcing the House to do the same, or this is all just a joke.

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