Sunday, March 5, 2017

How the "Obama wiretapped me" thing could backfire

Speculating about Trump and his schtick is, quite literally, a fool's errand, but what the hell.  Trump says Obama wiretapped him.  Of course, Trump got his start in politics by spreading insane lies about Obama, and if Obama really did want to mess with him during the campaign, the easier path would have been to find a way to get the IRS to leak his tax returns, but there are really two possibilities:

1)  Obama really did something shady here.  I guess maybe his drones were busy doing things that liberals like to pretend they weren't doing in order to maintain their warm, fuzzy feelings about him.  (Except the ones who found a new love in that dumbass, fucking Vermont commie, as long as I'm ranting.  You remember the title of the blog, right?).

2)  Obama was uninvolved, and whatever was happening was part of a legitimate investigation into ties between the Trump organization and Russia done by civic-minded investigators.

If Possibility 1 is true, there should be evidence somewhere, and Trump, as President, should be able to have his people dig it up and release it.  On the other hand, if Possibility 2 is the case, then in the current, leaky atmosphere, somebody might get pissed off, so to speak, at having their integrity questioned by Trump, and start leaking documents damaging to Trump about why they were seeking FISA approval in the first place, assuming someone was even doing that for anything in Trump Tower.

Does Trump really want to press that?

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