Saturday, March 4, 2017

On daring Republicans to vote against Obamacare repeal efforts: Lisa Murkowski

The current "plan" for Republicans and their Obamacare repeal effort seems to be to "dare" Republican legislators to oppose them.  In the House, this may work.  The Senate is a different story.

Remember the key dynamic in the Senate.  At least three Senators have said that they won't support a repeal without a simultaneous replacement:  Collins, Murkowski and Paul, and losing three votes on repeal means they can't even use budget reconciliation for a partial repeal.  Losing three votes on a replacement package means a replacement package fails, and if that fails, the repeal fails because the aforementioned trio votes against repeal.

Let's talk about daring Republicans to vote against repealing Obamacare.  The logic here, such as it is, is that repealing Obamacare is so core to what the Republican Party has become, and so critical to their electoral fortunes, that any Republican who blocks Obamacare repeal is toast.  Primary City, baby.  Population, you!  Is that a credible threat?  Well.......

Let's talk about Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Notice how she is a Senator?  I mean, still a Senator?  She got primaried by a hardcore Tea Party guy named Joe Miller back in 2010, the height of tea party mania.  And by "got primaried," I mean that she fucking lost her primary to Joe Miller.

So, you may ask, how is she still in the Senate?  Well, Lisa Murkowski didn't give up.  She ran as an independent candidate.  But, you see, the deadline to file had already passed, so she had to run a fucking write-in campaign.  And you know what?  She still fucking beat that dude.

Oh, and there was some little legal question about the write-in ballot.  What happens when someone writes in "Merkowski?"  That isn't her name.  It wasn't technically supposed to count.

Murkowski still won.  As an independent write-in candidate.  After having lost her primary.

So, how scared do you think Lisa FUCKING BAD-ASS Murkowski is of a little primary challenge?

Oh, and one more thing.  She was just up for re-election last year.  Anyone who wants another shot at her won't get it until 2022.  And apparently she's invincible anyway.

So how scared do you think Lisa Murkowski is of these threats?  I'm sure she's quakin' in her Alaskan boots.  If she doesn't like the terms of the Obamacare repeal-and-replace efforts, there is nothing that Mitch McConnell, the House Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party or Fox News is going to do about it.  If she demands that the policy move to the center and towards her DW-NOMINATE score of .1070, and that demand isn't met, she absolutely can block an Obamacare repeal without fear.

And if two more are immune to threats, then this is all pointless theater.

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