Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump and idle threats

And there's this little gem:  Trump has told congressional Republicans that if the House doesn't pass an Obamacare repeal today...

That's right.  If the House doesn't pass a repeal today, Trump is done with healthcare, and Obamacare stays.  Does anyone believe that if the House passed Trump's ideal plan, whatever that might be (if such a thing even existed) on Monday, and the Senate passed it on Tuesday, that Trump would veto it?


This is an idle threat.

I've talked a lot about idle threats and whether or not Trump is crazy enough to make a threat credible when no sane person could make it credible.  No, even Trump can't make this a credible threat.  It's just bullshit.  Why is Trump doing it?

Quite simply, if the House can't pass anything today, it will be a clear demonstration that Republicans can't pass anything across chambers, and rather than have it be a display of Trump's... impotence, he wants it to look like he is carrying out a threat.  By failing.

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