Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday music: If you don't love country, you hate 'mer'ca

The "100 days" marker just annoys me.  Why?  Because my Sunday series is bluegrass.  This one?  I can make a case for calling it country.  Malcolm Holcombe has enough twang.  That makes it work for Saturday.  I can call it blues, with the structure and cadence, so that works for Monday, but my Sunday series is bluegrass, and I just don't have anything as perfect for that.  Now, I could play counting games, and say that January 20th was Trump's first day, and call this the 100th day, but I think we are treating tomorrow as the 100-days marker based on total passage of time.  One could muse on that, but here's some music instead.  Besides, he passed the hundred lies marker long ago.

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