Sunday, May 14, 2017

We are all Frank Grimes right now (or at least, some of us are)

I promise that I will get back to regular, political science-filled analysis with lots of bleep-worthy language and obscure sci-fi references this week, but I just need to do one more rant.  (I was getting to a point, and a reader called me on the fact that I seemed to stop before making that point.  I'll get there.)  I just need to do this, though.

This post will obviously make somewhat more sense if you are at least a little familiar with The Simpsons.  Once upon a time, it was a great show.

Homer Simpson is a grotesquely stupid, reckless and irresponsible person who somehow came to hold a position of responsibility over fissile nuclear material.  One wrong move from Homer Simpson and a nuclear catastrophe could cost a lot of lives.  Is Homer qualified for that job?  Not even remotely, and pretty much everyone seems to know it.  Does it bother them?  Strangely, no.  He bungles from disaster to disaster, always making his worst traits evident to anyone willing to pay even the slightest amount of attention, and yet nobody seems to be willing to remove him from the position that actually should require some basic understanding of the job itself, as well as traits like intelligence, stability and personal responsibility.

One man notices not just how dangerous it is for everyone to have Homer Simpson hold this job, but how blinkered everyone in Springfield seems to be for their nonchalance at Homer's ineptitude, the danger in which it places them, and the baffling level of personal success that Homer seems to have enjoyed throughout his life despite the fact that Simpson can barely pass the Turing Test.

That man was Frank Grimes.

Frank Grimes, or, "Grimey," as he liked to be called, was the one Springfield resident driven insane with righteous indignation at Homer's place in Springfield.  Of course, he died tragicomically, with everyone else standing around baffled as to why Grimey didn't love Homer the way they did, and why he didn't embrace Homer's reckless stupidity the way they did.

Truly, though, Grimey was the only one who noticed just how much danger Springfield was in because of how recklessly stupid the guy with power over nuclear fissile material was.  And it drove him nuts because nobody else seemed to be willing to notice or care.

Does anybody else feel like Frank Grimes right now?

Of course, one could have done a joke about Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, who has responsibility to oversee the nukes.  Perry is an idiot, who put on glasses to look smarter after his "oops" moment, bringing to mind this bit, when Homer fished Henry Kissinger's glasses out of a toilet.

I am obviously not talking about Perry, though.  When pointing out how stupid, incompetent and all-around vile Donald Trump is, and how much danger he places us all in, how do we not look like Frank Grimes?  I don't know.  That's a problem.

So, here's more Drive-By Truckers, because you can never have too much of them.

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