Friday, June 30, 2017

A brief comment on Republican criticism of Trump's latest tweet

Trump loves nothing more than getting away with things, and dominating people.  The Republicans criticizing him for his treatment of Mika Brzezinski should understand that their unwillingness to impose any consequences on him for his behavior means that he is dominating them just as much as Brzezinski.  He is enjoying this.  He is enjoying his ability to get away with treating women like shit, and his ability to get away with brushing the Republican Party aside as easily as he brushes everyone else aside.

Make no mistake:  Donald Trump will suffer no consequences for this, and the Republicans criticizing him are doing nothing more than making it even more enjoyable to him that he is getting away with it.  They are all Trump's playthings, and they are too fucking stupid to realize it.


  1. Every time he tweets, regular humans gain that much more moral superiority over anyone who responds to a pollster with "I approve of the job the president is doing."

    1. "Moral superiority" and a nickel are worth a nickel.