Friday, June 30, 2017

The fact that Trump is enacting his "travel ban" now... raises questions

Trump is now enacting the part of his "travel ban" that the Supreme Court has allowed, pending Court review.  Just a quick note for today, because this won't take long.

Wasn't the supposed point of the "travel ban" that the administration needed time to develop better vetting procedures?  Until such procedures could be developed, the safest course was a total ban.  Then, after better procedures were in place, the ban could be replaced with a more sophisticated procedure.  It was only supposed to be a temporary measure, to give them time to work out an improved system.

Yeah, they've had longer than 90 days since the first "travel ban" was announced and blocked anyway.  What have they been doing with that time?  Well, Trump has been obstructing justice, whining about the media, and probably grabbin' some pussy.  I guess Mika didn't let him...  Homeland Security?  Well, um, why haven't they just implemented that new vetting procedure that they have assuredly been working on already?  It has been more than 90 days, so what have they been doing with their time?  Shouldn't they at least need less time to work out something?  Just askin'...

Also, when the first ban was rushed into place, Trump's people insisted that there couldn't be any warning or time to prepare because then all the terrorists would rush into the country before the ban went into place.  Hasn't there been, like, warning n' stuff, thereby nullifying the effect of the ban?

Or, hey, and I'm just spit-balling here, maybe the ban was the point, and the "we need time to work on a new procedure" thing was always bullshit, as was the line about not giving terrorists a window before the ban went into effect.  Just a thought.  Maybe it really is just redlining.

Will the Supreme Court see it that way?  I'll pick that thread up soon, unless something else dramatic happens...  We've got a maybe deal on healthcare, and Trump keeps tweeting...


  1. Umm, yeah, we didn't need any more data to figure this out.

    1. Did you miss how I was doing a kind of ironic, gee-wiz, kind of thing? Was I being too subtle? I was trying a new schtick.