Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Sessions hearings

I joked yesterday that Sessions might tell Kamala Harris to bring him some sweet tea and get out of that chair before the real Senator showed up.  Instead, he told her that her questions made him nervous.  He's kind of slow...

Anyway, yesterday's hearings show why most congressional hearings really are pointless.  My lead-up to the Comey hearing described hearings as being about legislators strutting around before the cameras.  With Comey, at least he actually wanted to answer questions, with the constraint that some questions could only be answered in closed-door sessions.  On the other hand, combine the basic showboating nature of a Senator with a witness whose objective is to not answer questions without explicitly taking the 5th and you have something truly pointless.

Like yesterday.  Poor Jeffie-boy.  He got nervous!  He's not used to being rushed!

There are a lot of stories floating around about interruptions of Kamala Harris, and I have written before about people counting interruptions of women without counting interruptions of men in order to do a direct comparison.  I did it during the debates last year.  Bad methodology.  Don't do that.  Now, I wasn't actually counting interruptions anyway, but instead, I'll ask it this way.  Can you imagine if woman responded to Senate questioning by saying she's not used to being rushed like that, and it makes her nervous?

Yeah.  Fuckin' tough guy, that Jeff Sessions.

Sorry I don't have any actual political science today.  I got shit to do.

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