Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday music (cheating): If you only listen to American music, you just suck (but I'm cheating today, so I suck today)

Lord Buckethead.  Yeah.  Did you know that there is a guitarist whose stage-name is "Buckethead?"  He goes on stage with a fuckin' KFC bucket and Michael Meyers mask on his head.  Buckethead.  Technically, he is actually American, although like jazz great, Sun Ra, he may as well be an alien, but it makes today a cheat.  However, that Lord Buckethead thing in the UK just means I gotta use it today.  Here's a quick snippet of him playing solo, and then a full concert of him.  He is a true musical weirdo.  What do you expect?  He goes on stage with a KFC bucket on his head?  The concert is him with Les Claypool (founder of Primus) and the late, great Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic, with Bryan "Brain" Mantia on drums.  You think you know Lord Buckethead?  This is Lord Buckethead.

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