Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What to expect from the Sessions hearings today

Honestly, I've got no clue.  Sessions, unlike Comey, is a Trump loyalist.  But, unlike Comey, he has to worry about perjury charges for having lied about his contacts with Russia during his confirmation hearings.  He recused himself from the Russia investigation without Trump's approval, which means he's on the outs with Donny-boy, but he offered to resign to appease Trump, further proving what a loyalist he is, so I really doubt he'll turn on Trump in any way.  Beyond that, I'll wait until tomorrow.  Sorry, I had some clear expectations for the Comey hearings, but I have less of an idea how this plays out.

So, here's some speculation.  On the Democratic side, it is relatively clear.  They'll hit the lies about Russia contacts during his confirmation hearings, Comey asking not to be left alone with Trump, etc.  On the GOP side?  I got nothin'.  I have no clue what they'll ask him.  Probably just to confirm that Trump was not personally under investigation, although since Sessions had to recuse himself, that won't exactly go over well.  Really, this'll be weird.  Maybe he'll ask Kamala Harris to bring him some sweet tea and get out of that chair before the real Senator arrives...

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