Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday music: Breaking from the series, sort of, for the 4th of July

Normally, Tuesday is when I break from the "If you don't love __, you hate America" thing, and showcase something non-American, but this year, July 4th falls on a Tuesday, so, um...  yeah.

As a ritualistic person, I can't break from that completely, so here are two pieces for the day.  First, a 4th of July piece.  Then, a non-American piece.  I figure that if I'm going to do something non-American on the 4th, I should do something by a French musician, so I'll go with French-Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan.  Besides, today's post will touch on the relationship between the American Revolution and the French Revolution, so a Frenchy seems appropriate.  It would have been even more fitting if Algeria had been covered by the travel ban, but Pierre Bensusan came to mind this morning, so that's who I picked.  First, though, some 4th of July music from Rising Appalachia.

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