Saturday, August 19, 2017

Brief morning comments

I'm going to try this out.  Maybe it will take.

I have little to say on Bannon's departure.  Trump's White House is chaotic because Trump is chaotic.  Bannon had no influence on Trump-- the "white nationalism" thing was Trump's schtick all along, which was why he hired Bannon.  In political science, we call this issue, "endogeneity."  Does X cause Y, or does Y cause X?  Hard question.  In this case, Bannon's racism didn't influence Trump--Trump's racism caused him to hire Bannon.  How do we know?  Because Trump was racist long before he hired Bannon.  Time order.  Basic social science.

Will this turn Breitbart against Trump?  Who the hell knows?

Trump keeps firing people.  Remember his catch-phrase?  The problem is that if you have to keep firing people, you shouldn't have hired them in the first place.

Why am I starting this today?  Because as I have said on several occasions, (see, for example, here) there is just too much Trumpian drama to keep up.

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