Monday, August 7, 2017

Leaks can't be stopped

Who is the most famous leaker in political history?

Hint:  not a Russian hooker.  It has to be "Deep Throat."  Now, do you actually know Deep Throat's real identity?  Mark Felt.  FBI.  That secret was so well-maintained for so long that people still just think, not of Mark Felt, but of the mysterious and un-named "Deep Throat."

Decades.  He maintained his secret for decades.  And that was before the era of WikiLeaks.

Donald Trump has instructed the DoJ to try to crack down on leaks.  This is the leakiest White House we have ever seen for a very simple reason.  Executive branch civil servants think that Trump is corrupt and incompetent.  They are trying to undermine his administration.  The Mooch wasn't wrong about that.  Finding and stopping leaks is another matter.

Remember when Spicey called his staff into a meeting, and demanded that everybody hand in all of their electronic devices for screening?  OK, if you are going to contact a journalist with an electronic device, get a burner, and don't bring it into the White House.  If you want to get documents out... WikiLeaks.  Even if Sessions tried to imprison journalists, demanding that they reveal their sources, if the source is an anonymous burner phone or WikiLeaks, what's the point?

Mark Felt kept his secret for decades, and it has only gotten easier to get information to the press anonymously.  The DoJ's attempt to crack down on leaks misses the point.

This will be interesting.

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  1. See my comment on your other post.

    These leaks clearly don't come only from the Deep State. Take Spicey's meeting. Why does that leak right away? Because career GOP folks in the WH Comms office are thinking "WTF, dude?" The calls are coming from inside the house.