Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday music: If you only listen to American music, you just suck

Once again, I'm struggling to keep the Tuesday series on theme.  Sorry.  I didn't feel like posting a soothing raga after reading about that creepy rapist guru...  Instead, here's Swedish bassist Jonas Hellborg's "Child King," from Octave of the Holy Innocents.  Hellborg got his real shot playing with British fusion guitarist, John McLaughlin.  McLaughlin is best known as the guy from Mahavishnu Orchestra, but he came to fame in the jazz world as Miles's guitarist on Bitches Brew and my favorite fusion album, In a Silent Way.  Hellborg is joined here by guitarist, "Buckethead," who uses the moniker because he goes on stage with... a KFC bucket on his head.  That's one way to deal with stage fright, I guess.  He is a real virtuoso, though.  Oh, and Michael Shrieve?  Yeah, I suppose I could mention him.  I guess there is some American music here, but kind of Latino too, right?

Anyway, here's a weirdo Swedish bassist.

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