Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday music: If you don't love country, you hate 'mer'ca

More hurricanes, more storm-themed music.  Joe Ely, "A Flood On Our Hands," from Streets of Sin.  Incidentally, I used Ray Wylie Hubbard last Tuesday as a cheat with his Texas anthem, and Joe Ely is from a related Texas cohort.  You can trace connections between them through musicians like pedal steel guitarist, Lloyd Maines (who has a more famous daughter, about whom I don't give a rat's ass).  Anyway, for all the bullshit chest-puffery, a lot of the best country music really does come from Texas.  Just never admit that to a Texan.  The last thing they need is more to feed their already massive egos about Texas.  Anyway, here's Joe Ely.  Sadly, no Lloyd Maines on this one.

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