Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday music: If you don't love country, you hate 'mer'ca

Uncle Tupelo, "So Called Friend," from No Depression.  This is one of those "is this really country?" kind of deals.  In fact, there is a lot of musical history here.  The album title comes from an old Carter Family song-- "There'll Be No Depression In Heaven," which was adapted for this album.  The album, and Uncle Tupelo itself, was so influential that it spawned an entire subgenre, sometimes called "No Depression," after this album.  There was even a magazine (now website) called "No Depression," devoted to the subgenre, although like all terminology and musical taxonomy, it morphs over time.  Uncle Tupelo split up, and Jay Farrar formed Son Volt while Jeff Tweedy formed the more famous Wilco.  Proper music snob that I am, I prefer Son Volt.

Anyway, "So Called Friend."

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